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About us

Reinvent & Restore Inc was established in 2011 as a Day/Spa Cafe. Due to personal reasons I closed this Brick & Mortar Business to concentrate on looking after my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2000. Caring for my mom in my home led me to research everything I knew about the disease. After 13 years I published my first book of the What they forget to tell you series. Alzheimer's What They Forget to Tell you. I have spoken at several international Medical conferences on Living with the disease and have written several medical journals on this topic. In 2018 I wrote my second book- Dementia- What They Forget to Tell you and I am working on the third part of that trilogy- Palliative Care- What They Forget To Tell You

Having intimate knowledge of caregiving and the toll it takes on the caregiver, I founded the Reinvent & Restore Foundation in 2018 with dreams of opening another Brick & Mortar with part proceeds going to caregivers that save our health care system billions of dollars and are the unsung heroes that end up sacrificing their lives for their loved ones.

My mom lost her battle with Alzheimer's disease on January 13th, 2020. That loss was undescribable, as the grieving process started immediately when she was diagnosed, and then when she was in palliative care, every day I lived on the edge, wondering when she would take her last breath.

I then wrote my third book of the series- Self Love- What They Forget To tell You- This book is about re-discovering yourself and the importance of self love. This book is the inner work.

I had many dreams that had to be deferred, one was my love of skin care and the importance of maintaing a good regiment. I was able to slowly see that dream materialize over 2020. I researched many cosmetic companies, until I found the perfect fit for my vision. It had to be made in Canada as we know the importance of building back our economy and having less dependence on imports. In addition it had to be made of top of the line ingredients, not tested on animals and not contain SLS or parabens.

I was also fortunate not to lose my coffee and tea suppliers- which are also local.

My goal is to create another Brick & Mortar store with my favourite things

As we shift more to e-commerce, (which is not where I want to be) You will notice my favourite things combined in my webstore- my cafe items and my cosmetic line. I am not giving up on my end goal- and I am sure I will see it through! The Cl Line is endless, which is why it it taking long to add. I am doing all this by myself. Just know,,, everything is possible- once you don't give up.

I will never give up!

(Part Proceeds go the the Reinvent & Restore Foundation for Caregivers)

Our Mission

Our customer service representative will help you select the treatments that are just right for you. Whether your goal is relaxation, beautification, or therapuetic, we can help. Our spa coordinators have extensive spa and salon experience, as well as training in our specific products and services. We use state of the art software for proper bookings, transactions and client records. 




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